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Developing Probiotics as Live Biotherapeutics 

Since the early 1900s, scientists have understood the important role that bacteria living in our gut play in human health and disease. They observed that certain strains of bacteria, called probiotics, have beneficial, health‐promoting and even healing properties. In the last ten years, interest has intensified and the number of scientific studies on probiotics has increased over a 100‐fold.

Despite this accumulated body of knowledge there is today not a single, FDA‐approved probiotic product. The only products available to consumers are dietary supplements of variable quality and potency. The lack of a probiotic that has been demonstrated to meet medical standards for safety and efficacy presents a major unmet need. We formed Enterologics in 2009 to address this need.

Enterologics will bring specific probiotic strains to market as
FDA-approved biologic drugs, using:

A rigorous testing program to prove clinical efficacy for inadequately
treated GI diseases (more)
A new preservation technology that to maintain viable bacterial cellsz
and long shelf-life (more)




class=>SEC Filings


September 7
Enterologics Completes Acquisition of BioBalance Corp and Probiotic Product from New York Health
Care, Inc

class=July 6
Acquisition of BioBalance and Its Product Portfolio to Accelerate Enterologics' Biologics Development Program

June 17
Enterologics Is Acquiring BioBalance Corp. and Probiotic Product from New York Health Care, Inc.

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